The building now occupied by The Gas Light was constructed in the late 1920's for G.J. Powers Bros. Plumbing, Heating and Roofing. It became Chuck Savage's Gas Station in the late '30s (the pumps were curbside), and then Gus's Garage in the '50s. The Gas Light opened on the 9th of August, 1967.

Made almost entirely of wood, windows and many other items rescued from homes, schools and churches of Old Ridley Park. The solid walnut in the front room is from George Hetzel's magnificent home,later owned by Dr. Marvin Shipps.The house was taken down in 1966, and the site is now occupied by M&T Bank.

Our stained glass windows are from St. Madelines's Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, and from local homes that have been demolished. The two brass gas and electric chandeliers near the bar are from St. Madeline's Convent, originally owned by Mr. Michell of Michell's Seed and Grain, 518 Market St., Philadelphia. The large barn red beam in the arch that seperates the bar from the dining room is from the original enterance to Tome Street School.

The dry sink near the fireplace is also from the Hetzel home, while the black iron fireplace frame is from one of Stoneybrook's artist cottages that once lined the stream in the wooded area across from Taylor Hospital. The walls display photographs of Ridley Park officials, firemen, school children, homes and local historical sites.

The two documents above the bar are Dr. Horace Furness Taylor's 1898 Swarthmore Grammar School Diploma and his 1942 Masonic certificate.

In September of 1994, the building next door was purchased to gain more dining space. The "Grand Hallway" was built to connect the two buildings. The new dining room was called the "Millard Room" in dedication to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Millard, who built it in 1917 as an ice cream parlor and operated it for 40 years. Aftey they retired in 1954, it became Jones', then Johnson's, then Thomas M. Hoyle, Insurance, then very briefly, The Gas Light Bakery, the Facilites Partnership, Inc., Architecture, and then back to The Gas Light Restaurant.

We hope during your visit you have the opportunity to walk around and immerse yourself in the historical elegance of a great town.