Stuffed Salmon  20.
Filet of salmon stuffed with lump crab mix,
 topped with shrimp in a cream sauce
Lobster Ravioli  20.
topped with shrimp and crab in a garlic cream sauce
Broiled Scallops  19.
pan-seared, tender and juicy
Stuffed Broiled Scallops  25.
pan-seared, tender and juicy, topped with lump crabmeat mix
Crab Cakes  20.
Two lump crab delights, if you like crab meat that is
Broiled Tilapia  15.
filet of tilapia, lightly broiled
Stuffed Tilapia  21.
filet of tilapia stuffed with our lump crab mix, then broiled
Broiled Trio  22.
scallops, shrimp and tilapia, lightly broiled
Crab Imperial  21.
Lump crabmeat baked au gratin, topped with two shrimp
Stuffed Shrimp  20.
Shrimp topped with lump crab mix, then broiled
Chicken Parmesan  16.
Italian breaded breast topped with marinara and a provolone mozzarella cheese blend
 served over linguine
Chicken Pepperoni  17.
we add pepperoni and black olives to our chicken parmesan for a jazzier taste
Chicken Athens  16.
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and honey-dijon sauce, blends together for a delicious
 sweet and tangy taste
Chicken Prosciutto  17.
Sauteed chicken breast topped with Italian prosciutto ham and a provolone-mozzarella cheese blend in a garlic cream sauce
Chicken Marsala  16.
chicken breast sauteed and finished in a
 mushroom wine brown sauce